Announcements ~ January 7, 2018

PRAYER REQUESTS ~ There are forms by the Agape Box which are provided for you to fill out and state your prayer needs & ask questions. Leave contact info. if you’d like for us to contact you. Especially if you are new to the church, we’d love to meet you! You can also call Pastor Jeff, Tom Gillett, David Just, or Lori. Cards with contact info. are available.


WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY ~ Women’s morning and evening Bible study will resume this Thursday, as we begin the Embrace DVD series. You will hear from women as they share practical, biblical ways to embrace and encourage those who are hurting. Sign up today if you will be participating.

CHILDREN’S MINISTRY ~ We are excited to announce our new Children’s Ministry curriculum for 2018. Answers Bible Curriculum is a chronological presentation of the history and truths found in the Bible. ABC takes students on the fascinating journey through the history of creation, sin, and redemption, stopping along the way to discuss important apologetics (“proofs”) and historical events. Lessons in God’s Word are: Our Foundation, Attributes of God, and We Can Know God Exists, to name a few. Your child will be learning proof to back up his/her beliefs, and grow in their walk with Jesus. Encourage your child to come each Sunday, as the lesson builds from one Sunday to the next. If you have any questions, please call Kim Myers at 530-320-2647.

MEN’S Ministry ~ Studying Isaiah Friday mornings @9:00 at the church office. Contact Steve Sagan for more info.

WEDNESDAY NIGHT Bible Study ~ End Times Prophecy ~7:00 at the church office. Resumes this Wednesday.

IRELAND MISSIONS TRIP ~ There will be an informational meeting today after church for those interested in going to Ireland in April.

CHURCH DIRECTORY ~ If you would like to be listed in our church directory, fill out the form provided. Please update your existing contact information, if needed. Information is in the back.